Local Products (english version)

Dairy products (mozzarella, burrata, giuncata…)

Mozzarella was originally produced in farmhouses for family use. Successively, since the 1940s, mozzarella and other dairy products, artificially made at the dairies factories with milk of pardo- alpine cows reared in Gioia del Colle’s farmhouses, have entered local, regional and national markets, with an increasing development.

Today, Gioia del Colle’s dairy products can be purchased and savoured in almost all Italian cities, representing the pride of the national dairy production.

Primitivo Wine of Gioia del Colle

Gioia del Colle’s Primitivo Wine has received DOC in 1987 and it is currently produced and bottled by different local companies. A voluntary consortium has also been created for the safeguard and esteem of wines with a “denominazione di origine controllata ‘Gioia del Colle’ ”, which takes part, with its own stand, to the main industry’s manifestations.

The Primitive Wine is obtained from grapes of a vine variety selected and cultivated with an intensive farming technique at Gioia del Colle since the 19th century.

Only successively this vine variety was cultivated in nearby areas and in the province of Taranto as well.

For its strong and robust taste the Primitivo Wine has been used in the past also as blending wine.

Testo a cura di Simona Caricato (Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature Straniere c/o Università degli Studi di Bari “Aldo Moro” – stagista presso il Comune di Gioia del Colle).